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Personalized copies of all Emma Straub's books available upon request!

We are also taking orders for personalized copies of John Hodgman's Vacationland.
Modern Lovers
Emma Straub
Paperback | May 2017
in store $16.00
(more on order)
John Hodgman
Paperback | May 2018
in store $16.00
Laura Sims
Hardcover | Jan 2019
in store $22.50
Talk to Me
John Kenney
Hardcover | Jan 2019
in store $26.00
Dani Shapiro
Hardcover | Jan 2019
in store $24.95
(more on order)
The Dreamers
Karen Thompson Walker
Hardcover | Jan 2019
in store $27.00
Interior States
Meghan O'Gieblyn
Paperback | Oct 2018
in store $16.00
Just Kids Illustrated Edition
Patti Smith
Hardcover | Oct 2018
in store $39.99
Min Jin Lee
Paperback | Nov 2017
in store $15.99
The Belles
Dhonielle Clayton
Hardcover | Feb 2018
in store $17.99

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