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Little Gods
Meng Jin
Hardcover | Jan 2020
in store $27.99
On Swift Horses
Shannon Pufahl
Hardcover | Nov 2019
in store $27.00
A Long Petal of the Sea
Isabel Allende
Hardcover | Jan 2020
in store $28.00
Soft Targets
Deborah Landau
Paperback | May 2019
in store $16.00
Good Husbandry
Kristin Kimball
Hardcover | Oct 2019
in store $26.00
Dual Citizens
Alix Ohlin
Hardcover | Jun 2019
in store $25.95
All the Water in the World
Karen Raney
Hardcover | Aug 2019
in store $27.00
The Lost Letters of William Woolf
Helen Cullen
Hardcover | Jun 2019
in store $26.99
Riots I Have Known
Ryan Chapman
Hardcover | May 2019
in store $24.00
Cheer Up, Mr. Widdicombe
Evan James
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $16.00

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13 Books by Native Writers to be Thankful For
by Serena Morales

Because I want to hurry and get to the books, I won’t stay here long, and I will not try to present an argument for why you should be reading Native authors widely or at all — simply because, if you are not already, that is very sad for you and your soul. Get with it!


Picture Books Are Magic!
by Emma Straub

When people ask me how many books I read, I hesitate before answering — it’s never enough to sound like a lot, as much as a person who owns a bookstore should read. But that’s only if you don’t count picture books, which I read zillions of times a day, as I have since my first child was born 6 years ago...


Spooky Books for People Who Don't Read Spooky Books
by Danni Green

For those who are horror-averse, this is the perfect time to enter the genre. I’ve put together a short list of books that offer a great balance between entertaining and scary. Each book is labeled with which sub-genre of horror the book fits into. As always, happy reading!


Four Books Celebrating the Intersections of Latinx & Indigenous Heritage
by Serena Morales

Indigenous People’s Day is a great opportunity to take a moment to reflect on your bookshelves and work to decolonize them a bit. Introduce your shelves to more voices outside of the white, Western canon. It’ll be more than worth it, we promise!


How to Find Your Next Great Book Club Book: Volume 2 
by Heather Wood

As I mentioned in Part One, a successful book club discussion requires a book that divides rather than unifies your group. Choose a book that some people hate and others love. Choose a book that will generate a diverse range of opinions. Don’t search for the book that everyone will love (or even merely like). Rather find a book that people feel passionately about. What kinds of book am I talking about?

Read More Women From Around the World
Translated Favorites from Latin America
by Danni Green

August is a glorious month! For these 31 days we shine a brighter light on translated books written by women — but extra emphasis on books written by women and translated by women. Women in Translation Month was started by Meytal Radzinski, a book blogger, in 2014. Works in translation are such a small percentage of the market and of those works roughly 30% is written by women.