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Donate to these organizations providing essential relief! 



Donate to the 
Brooklyn Book Bodega!

We are helping the Brooklyn Book Bodega raise money to purchase more books and supplies to be donated to local families in need. 


The Brooklyn Book Bodega's mission is to increase the number of 100+ book homes for kids 0-18 in NYC by providing free access to and ownership of books, building community, and creating a passion for learning through free events and literacy-based community programming.

They are temporarily shifting their model to partner with community organizations to ensure that kids and families receive books in addition to food and hygiene items. They are collaborating with educators, schools, community organizations, and food pantries to make sure that families have access to books, especially during mandated “NYS Pause.” 

Families living with a fixed or low income do not have excess cash to purchase books for their children and, given the segregation in our city and country, may live in a book desert. While the pandemic impacts all of us, it does not impact all of us equally. In addition to having enough to feed their bellies, all children deserve to have access to books which will feed their minds and provide additional learning support.

It is crucial for children to have books at home while they adjust to the new normal of remote learning, time away from friends and loved ones, general disruption to their routine, and potential loss and hardship.

Read more about their work and how to get involved here.


Email your donation receipt to and you will be entered to win prizes including one-of-a-kind illustrations from children's book authors, signed books, gift cards, and more.

The Brooklyn Book Bodega is currently accepting donations of gently used children's books. They are especially in need of books for babies, kids, and teens with protagonists of diverse representation. See here for more details



Thank you! Together we donated over $8,000 to the following orgs!

The Equal Justice Initiative

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Many thanks to our co-owners Eddie and Martine Joyce for their generous donation!